Family Fun & Relaxation

A beautiful family campground specializing in seasonal and overnight camping. We’re locating in the heart of the Ottawa Valley’s white water region.

Cedar Haven campsites offer you and your family large grassy lots with lots of trees to provide a cool afternoon shade.

At Cedar Haven, you can enjoy a picturesque sunset every night along our 2000 feet of waterfront and beach on Muskrat Lake.

We invite you to join our community and enjoy summers with your family!


May 10th to September 30th




Seasonal Camper

Join us here at Cedar Haven Trailer Park this summer as a Seasonal camper!

Imagine sitting around the campfire in the evening raosting marshmallows under the night sky. Your children are snugly asleep after a day of swimming & the fun of playing and making new friends. You know that others here at Cedar Haven Trailer Park are also enjoying their evening together, perhaps with new friends & old gathered around their campfires.

Each spring you wait eagerly as you know camping season is almost here! Your home away from home is already set up for your summer fun, waiting patiently for your return. You can’t wait to return & enjoy the little white lights that you hung up around your site and the special oasis that is your very own escape…..

As transient campers are busy thinking about packing to either go camping, or return from a camping trip, you know that all you have to do is minimally pack and head to your destination. The enjoyment and convenience of life as a Seasonal camper can be yours at Cedar Haven Trailer Park!


Adult Enjoyment

Whether is it hiking, fishing, or boating on beautiful Lake Muskrat or just enjoying time with friends as you watch the sunset, there is much to do at Cedar Haven Trailer Park! While you relax and enjoy, you know your kids are also having fun and forging friendships with supervised activities.


Fun for Kids

Swimming, beach volleyball, baseball & other sports, playing games on the beach, arts & crafts, fun activities with Cedar Haven staff, there is so much to do here at Cedar Haven Trailer Park! Each day you will look forward to renewing friendships and having new adventures under the summer skies.


Fish Muskrat Lake

Muskrat Lake is a recreational fishing lake well known for it’s abundant variety of fish.

Cedar Haven Trailer Park is beautifully situated with 2000 feet of waterfront and beach on Muskrat Lake where many freshwater fish varieties can be be found in the waters.

These include:

Walleye / Pickerel  (Season Opens:  2nd Saturday in May)
Smallmouth Bass   (Season Opens: last Saturday in June)
Largemouth Bass  (Season Opens: last Saturday in June)
Muskellunge  (“Muskie”) (Season Opens: 1st Saturday in June)

Massive Muskie have been caught in the waters of Muskrat Lake and we encourage you to try your luck at catching one of these incredible fish or any of the other species that live in it’s waters.

Please keep in mind the license and information you need to fish in Ontario waters. 

Here is what you need to know before fishing in Ontario as a resident or non-resident of Canada. 

Other Local Attractions

There is so much to do at Cedar Haven Trailer Park! However, if you do decide to explore around the area, there are many things to do and visit like:

Owl Rafting
Whitetail Golf Course
Oaks of Cobden Golf Course
Bonnechere Caves
Several Golf Courses
Many Local Festivals & Seasonal Events

Staff are always happy to suggest activities or places to visit. You may also find that other campers may have experience with the area and are able to direct you, especially Seasonal Campers as this is their home away from home! Whatever you choose to do, you will have a great time in Ottawa Valley White Water region.

If you are lucky, you may even see a glimpse of “Mussie”… Muskrat Lake’s very own “Loch Ness Monster”! 

Enjoy & Remember Great Times with us